Декупажний Клей-Лак УХУ (без розчинника) Глянцевий

Декупажний Клей-Лак УХУ  (без розчинника)  Глянцевий
В наявності

UHU Solvent free Paper napkin varnish for paper napkin decorations and decoupage techniques on virtually all surfaces. Glues, seals, finishes. Dries clear. Quick and easy to use, lightfast, wipe and weatherproof. Also ideal for stiffening fabrics, gluing jigsaw puzzles, decorating with sand, sequins and glitter as well as for sealing photos. Solvent free. Available in "glossy" or "matte" finish.


For napkins on terracotta, clay, stone, marble, gypsum, glass, paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, Styrofoam®, plastics and candles. Ideal to stiffen fabrics or as a jigsaw puzzle adhesive.

Use and Handling Instructions

Use brush to apply the first coat evenly to the surface on which the paper will be placed. Place paper napkin or paper. Wait approx. 10 minutes before applying a second coat over the paper. If applying to a jar, clean the jar rim before closing. Protect from frost.

Container Content
silk luster, Can 150ml
silk-mat, Can 150ml
Упаковка Об'єм
банка Матовий 150 мл.
банка Глянцевий 150 мл.